Power System Operation Corporation Ltd. 
             (A wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.)                  
 POSOCO   Southern Regional Load Despatch Center
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SR Grid Frequency (31-05-2016 21:31)

Current Schedule Revision Number


Revision Summary     

     Unrequisitioned Surplus

Changes Made In Last Rev.
Revised Congestion Management Procedure in Real-Time System Operation IA on Petition 84/MP/2015_Implementation of FGMO in Indian Grid Validation Committee Meeting for July-Sep,2016 (Q2) will be held in NRLDC Conference Room at 10.30 am on 30.05.2016. Hindi translation of the words used in the Control Room PoC rates and losses for Q1(Apr16-Jun16) PSSE base case for Q1 (2016-17) Implementation of Ancillary Services Operations w.e.f 0000 hrs of 12th April, 2016
ATC/Congestion Related Information
  SRLDC is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the Southern Region. The main responsibilities of SRLDC are:
  • Monitoring of system parameters and security.
  • To ensure the integrated operation of the power system grid in the region.
  • System studies, planning and contingency analysis.
    Analysis of tripping/disturbances and facilitating immediate remedial measures.
  • Daily scheduling and operational planning.
  • Facilitating bilateral and inter-regional exchanges.
  • Computation of energy despatch and drawal values using SEMs.
  • Augmentation of telemetry, computing and communication facilities.

Reliability, Security and Economy in Power Transmission
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